Folding Knife Selection

0 April 18th, 2014

Do you have your own collection of pocket knives or are just starting to purchase your very first one? It might prove to be a challenging task to shop for your pocket knife but you need to do this in order for you to improve your chance of survival especially if you expose yourself to the risk of being alone with wild. Best Folding Knife on the market have a variety of blade shapes and sizes. This variety is what makes it effective for its intended use. So before you start browsing through the available folding knives in the market, first determine your use for the knife.

The first thing you would probably decide on is to get a knife with a plain edge, serrated edge or a combination of the two. If you are eyeing for a folding knife that has multiple blades, then you can select one that has a plain edge while the other blade has a serrated edge. You will observe that the folding knives that only contain a single blade will be bigger because they do not have to fit themselves with the other tools or blades in the handle. Most of the time, the single blades are more durable than the multiple one. The length of the blade should also be considered and this will be determined by the nature of use of the blade. If you use it to poke something deep, then you should go for a longer.

The tip of the blade or the point of the blade is also very important and there are several shapes and points to choose from. Those who are hunting can benefit from this because they need the sharp tips to pierce through the skin of the animal they just hunted. Clip point knives are great for your everyday use and they can also be used during hating because their sharp tips.

On the other hand spear point knives are broader and they are usually symmetrical in shape. The symmetry of the edges meet a point at the center. They are great for piercing as well as hunting and this would be best for beginners.

Lastly you have the pen point blades that are more commonly found on Swiss Army knives. The blades are small enough to fit into a small holder with the other tools. It is also relatively the lightest and you can easily put this inside your pocket with ease.

After your blade selection, it is now time for you to choose the extra tools that will be placed with your blades. If you don’t want anything else, you can always stick to having a single blade knife. But for those who are still unsure on what to add, you can get ideas from the ones that are already available in the market. Some of the tools they placed are corkscrew, bottle opener, scissors, tweezers, pliers, and many others. Handy multifunctional knives like this will surely help in whatever situation you face while camping or just having a picnic.

Your Basic Whiskey Recipes

0 April 18th, 2014

Creating your own whiskey is not as easy as it seems and you will only find this out once you have tried creating one for your own. If you are new to creating whiskey then you have to make sure that you have the correct recipe so that you can get the final product that you wish to have. This would make it easier for you than to try to guess which make up specific types of whiskey. Below are some of the recipes that you need before using the still you get from your local copper still shop.

To create Bourbon, you need to make a mash that has around 70% of corn, 15% of malted barley and around 5% of the rye. You should make sure that the corn is not less than 51% of the total mash and that it should be 160 proof or lower. The bourbon is stored in oak barrels and then bottled and sold commercially. Aging usually takes place for as little as one day to two years. To be called bourbon, the alcohol should be distilled in the United States, not necessarily in Kentucky, where there is water that is best for distilling.

The Tennessee Whiskey is your generic whiskey and you can create it by using any type of grain just be sure that it is flavorful. Part of the flavor comes from the grains that are used to make the mash and the oak barrels where it is stored and aged in. Before aging it, it should be first mellowed with the use of charcoal from sugar maple trees.

For your Legal Moonshine, it can also be made with any kind of grain. Some people also label their moonshine with the predominant grain they use on it like corn whiskey. The only difference is it is usually not aged unlike the other whiskies.

The main ingredient in the mash to make rye whiskey is rye and it has to make up 51% or more of the mash. It is also stored and charred in new oak barrels and can be sold just after a day of storage in the barrels. It is mostly known for being spicy and food color may be added to make it more attractive.

Malted barley forms most of the mash that is used to create malt whiskey. You can call it a straight malt whiskey when you age it for two years without placing any additives and mixing any other type of alcohol in it. Blended malt whiskeys are a mixture of around 51% or more of straight malt whiskey with other whiskey.

A Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made up of 100% malted barley. It is also aged in oak barrels for 3 years before it is served and enjoyed. It is unique because it is made of pure malted barley while most of the beers and whiskeys are made of only a portion of malted barley. You can also check other sites on the internet for other recipes of alcoholic beverages.